Sunday, 2 March 2014

Mini Haul and Review!

I have been on a shopping frenzy for Korean and Japanese products lately. There's so much to choose from and to want, yet not enough money. :( But today two little packages came in, one with a set of Dolly Wink eyelashes in No.3 Natural Girly, and another one with 2 sets of eyelashes from Etude House and a Moistfull Mask.

Those Dolly Wink lashes cost me a fortune! But it's all worth it, they're pretty and I'm definitely getting another pair. I love how there are two sets of lashes with the Dolly Wink. I have yet to try them, but I can't wait!

I like the Etude House Side and Long lashes (The black ones) and I think I could use them a dramatic bottom lashes, who knows?

 Today I tried out the Etude House Moistfull Mask.

I had been meaning to get my hands on one of these for a while now, as I've only had one other mask before this one. It was from My Beauty Diary and I loved it! So I wanted to try one from Etude House because I love their cosmetics.

Ignore the ugly background. :P

After using My Beauty Diary face mask, my skin cleared up a lot and moisturised it which I needed. My skin looked dull and I had horrible flaky bits of dry skin so the mask was a great pick-me-up for my skin. My skin started going back to it's normal state after a while, so I decided to get another one.
After taking it out of it's packaging, it felt wet like the My Beauty Diary mask, so I had a good feeling that it would be really moisturising. The mask also had a faint floral scent, but once you put it one, there was no smell at all which was good.

I vant to eat ur brainz~! I look like something out of a horror movie. :P And excuse the hair, I just had a shower.

After putting the mask on, it felt moisturising and cooling, very relaxing. I also went into my sisters room with it on and woke her up, she jumped at the sight of me. I'm such a great sister. I also have to ask, do Asians have long faces? Because whenever I buy these, they always seem to be too long. :P And they have HUGE eye holes as well.

Anyway I waited for 10-15 minutes and after taking it off and massaging in the rest of the moisture on my face, I didn't see or feel much of a difference. My forehead was moisturised, but I could still feel some dry patches and the solution on that mask was very sticky, it didn't feel nice so I had to wash my hands afterwards.
Overall, I'd say it's a good enough product for the price. But, it didn't work for me, so I will be continuing the search!